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Developing individuals into self-aware, purposeful, and effective leaders that deliver excellence.

TSOR Leadership & Management Institute

The Challenge of Change

How many leadership development programs and management trainings have you seen that did not result in lasting change?

Unfortunately, many seminars and training programs focus on techniques and quick fixes instead of cultivating excellence. 

The truth is the time required to create true leadership transformation takes place over months and not days.

In order for true change to occur, there must be a shift within each individual leader, not the implementation of a new technique on top of an old paradigm.

We partner with leaders who possess the courage to seek lasting excellence within themselves and the organizations they serve.

Do you Dare Greatly? 

A Foundation of Character

Humility, integrity, responsibility, discipline, courage, and love is what drives our team to achieve results for those we serve. When we partner with a leader to build their organization, we set the same foundation of excellence.

We stand with you to meet your unique needs.

"I need to improve results, but the harder I push the worse it gets."
"We need leadership training that is not out of touch and delivers results."
"My team does not feel unified, but I am not sure how to bring them together."
"I need to take my team from good to great, but I am already extremely busy."
"I need to develop my team, but I don't know the best way to be effective."
"We need our customers to say 'why would we go anywhere else?'"

The Path of Transformation.

We know that the path of transformation takes time and is unique to each individual. This is why our proven methodology combines group sessions with individual coaching.

Over the course of the engagement, we work with your team to create a shared language, rally around a common purpose, and implement management practices that improve results.

Most importantly, we work one on one with you and your team to build a better understanding of each individuals uniqueness and specific purpose as part of the whole.

This is how we execute on our promise to develop self-aware, purposeful, and effective leaders that deliver excellence.

Are you ready to Rise Above?

Our Process:

In Phase One, we cast a vision for the purpose of the training and provide participants an overview of The Four Calls to Action:

  1. Know Your People
  2. Know Your Purpose
  3. Delegate & Develop
  4. Review, Align, Improve

We cannot effectively lead others until we can lead ourselves. Self-leadership requires self-awareness. Phase Two is focused on inviting participants into the adventure of growth and development through better understanding of themselves.

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In Phase Three, we apply the first two Calls to Action towards leading others. We dive deep into the practices of building effective professional relationships, and develop a clear team purpose purpose which allows for prioritization of resources and focus.  

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Once the foundations of trust and shared purpose have been set, we leverage these in Phase Four through the last two Calls to Action. Our focus will be on developing each individual to enable high performance, and creating a culture around review and continuous improvement. 

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What Delights Us

Partnering with those who embrace excellence.

I highly recommend Ryan Molinaro and TSOR Group. It has been my pleasure to engage him on multiple occasions. Ryan is honest, hard-working, and extremely dedicated to everything he does. Integrity is not just a phrase for Ryan, it is his brand. I can think of no one who is better prepared to handle any complex responsibilities.

Justin DeJoseph
President & CEO
Garden State Home Loans, Inc.

Garrett and Ryan helped us gain a clear vision for the culture of the organization, and they cultivated it by helping us foster genuine relationships. They demonstrated care and empathy throughout the work they did and gained credibility through their consistent actions. They effectively improved our internal teamwork and customer partnerships.

Dana Conrad
Operations Supervisor

TSOR Group really understood our needs, even better than we did. We have complete trust in their character and integrity, and the way they executed on our vision went above and beyond our expectations. We look forward to many more years of collaboration.

Jessica Muto
Chief Financial Officer
Submission Fishing

Ready to Rise Above?

Our Mission

We empower organizations to prepare the world for future generations through leadership, sustainability, and community.