Team Development

Spark the ultimate competitive advantage in your organization.

TSOR helps high-production organizations solve business needs by developing their team to meet them. 

Our leadership and strategy focus is on equipping individual leaders in your organization, providing interim counsel to address immediate needs, and building a group of wise counselors within your organization to meet future demands with competence. 

We have seen the effectiveness of this process at creating and sustaining a spirit of excellence and wisdom within organizations.

Leadership is the ultimate competitive advantage and cannot be taught at a one-day seminar. TSOR’s unique approach allows for sustained, meaningful development of leaders within your organization.

Over the years, we have helped managers rise above their fears, insecurities, and assumptions of leadership to create self-aware, relational, and highly effective leaders. This has not only impacted work environments, but has changed the course of families and communities. When we teach leadership, we take a holistic approach focusing on the self, the home, and the office because it is the whole person who shows up to work each day.

Successful business leaders have often said “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” TSOR will assist in building the work environment of your growing business to foster communication, cooperation, and satisfaction towards the organization’s business goals.

Our approach to culture is not about work events and company sponsored yoga. We will dig deep with you to identify the culture you wish to create and implement practical habits to attain it.

Culture is key to successful scaling – let us show you how to build it.

Insight: Building a Culture of Excellence

TSOR is proven at returning struggling multimillion-dollar family businesses to profitability, effectively executing changes while maintaining integrity and building culture.

Our holistic approach to business leadership allows us to help you look past the financial symptoms and focus on the broader root causes. We do not believe in quick fixes such as reduction in force or offshoring, but instead focus on putting in the work to accurately assess and implement lasting changes to deliver true success and financial results for your family.

As a founder, you know the value of a second opinion. TSOR provides strategic perspective to founders and small business owners on a variety of verticals from logistics to human resources.

Our broad range of experience with start-ups and proven courage to stand with those in the arena allows us to be an effective partner for those with ambition.

TSOR recognizes the valuable role that those with ideas play in shaping the future – allow our experience to help you write the next chapter.

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Spark the ultimate competitive advantage in your organization

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