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Initiating Organizations into Greatness

Wisdom, unlike knowledge, does not come through learning case studies in a classroom – it is formed by living, failing, and overcoming. TSOR was founded by leaders from business, military, and non-profit sectors. Our expertise comes from testing knowledge in real world applications to gain wisdom for business and life. Our methodology is the result of these proven principles refined in some of the most difficult leadership environments.

We have been on the front lines with tech startups, multi-generation asset based companies, government entities, and community based organizations. Our philosophy that leadership is the ultimate competitive advantage has allowed us to make an impact on a broad range of organizational challenges. It is this broad range of experience and reliance on leadership and relationships that makes TSOR effective.

While we believe that people are the foundational element of all organizations, we also know that every organization is unique. TSOR’s integrative approach allows us to customize our program based on the specific needs of your organization. And most importantly, we do not just give lofty advice from a pedestal; we are in the arena with you to face those challenges together, preparing your team to carry on without us.

This is how we fulfill our mission of empowering others to rise above obstacles in pursuit of excellence.