Culture Shaping

TSOR can assist in transforming the work environment of the company to increase communication, cooperation, and satisfaction towards the organization’s business goals.

Labor Relations

TSOR’s wide range of labor union experience includes master collective bargaining agreement negotiations, operating through strikes, and effective union avoidance campaigns.

Retention Realized

TSOR increases employee satisfaction towards management and company goals; thereby reducing time, training, and costs.

Talent Strategy Development & Acquisition

TSOR can create a people strategy that will align with and support your business strategy and hire candidates that fit the strategy so you can deliver on your commitments.

Family & Legacy Business Dynamics

TSOR’s extensive experience recognizes the complex dynamics of family-run enterprises; we provide fact-based assessments and unbiased recommendations.

Logistics & Operations

TSOR’s deep understanding of port, rail, truck, and warehousing operations allows us to effectively set up your logistics network, transition the oversight to your team, and keeps you focused on growing your business.

Asian Manufacturing & Procurement Oversight

TSOR represents your interests and brings peace of mind to our clients through transparent communication and responsiveness with manufacturers and suppliers in Asia during the entire purchasing process.

Leadership Development

Over the years, we have helped managers rise above their fears, insecurities, and assumptions of leadership to create self-aware, relational, and highly effective leaders. This has not only impacted work environments, but has changed the course of families and communities. When we teach leadership, we take a holistic approach focusing on the self, the home, … Read more