Want to burn an extra 22,000 calories per year?

An Underutilized Investment: I walk into corporate offices and I see the same issue over and over: the company invested thousands of dollars in standing desks for their team yet everyone is sitting down.  As I make my way through the office I ask folks how often they stand.  The answer is consistent, “I tried it but … Read more

Uncommon Courage for Leadership & Life

Background: read our post entitled “Leading with Wisdom through Courage“ Like many people today, I was not born into a life of courage. I was always a smaller kid, enjoyed tucking in my shirts from the time I could walk, and dismissed many male antics as foolishness. Despite my physical presence and intellectual preferences, I was … Read more

Leading with Wisdom through Courage

If you follow TSOR, you know that we believe integrity-based leadership is the requisite for personal, familial, and organizational success. In fact, it is what all of mankind needs. We also believe the path of true leadership is a narrow one, and while anyone may choose to embark down it, independently, few will be willing … Read more

Building a Culture of Excellence

There is much talk about building corporate culture, but the great resignation has further emphasized the truth that, while many companies may want to build a strong culture, they really do not know how. On a deeper level, we believe that most companies do not even know what a strong culture looks like and what … Read more

Labor Relations in the Modern Workplace

TSOR has a long history in labor relations with some of the most well-known unions in the United States. While we have experienced and led through extreme situations such as permanently replacing striking workers; we believe it is much better to have good relations with your union, and especially your employees, than suffer through the … Read more

Dealing with people

The human component can simultaneously be the simplest and most complex component in any organization; there is a reason why companies have whole departments dedicated to it titled “human resources.” If anyone wants to be a part of society, then relationships with other people will be forever part of our lives. So, understanding human interactions … Read more

Adequacy in Leadership

Recently, a former co-worker and I were discussing the concept of adequacy in leadership, or put simply, how do we as leaders know that we have what it takes to lead? This is a complex topic that touches on a person’s identity, their motives, and character; in addition to the preparations they have undergone for … Read more

Leadership: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage – Part 2

As we discussed last post, leadership is the ultimate competitive advantage in any organization because it enables innovation and productivity gains in a variety of different functions. In contrast to a single isolated innovation, leadership is a catalyst for massive improvements. Furthermore, what I have seen to be true is that exceptional leadership opens the … Read more