Labor Relations in the Modern Workplace

TSOR has a long history in labor relations with some of the most well-known unions in the United States. While we have experienced and led through extreme situations such as permanently replacing striking workers; we believe it is much better to have good relations with your union, and especially your employees, than suffer through the … Read more

Dealing with people

The human component can simultaneously be the simplest and most complex component in any organization; there is a reason why companies have whole departments dedicated to it titled “human resources.” If anyone wants to be a part of society, then relationships with other people will be forever part of our lives. So, understanding human interactions … Read more

A Supply Chain of Relationships

Anyone working in supply chain and logistics right now can speak of the challenges that have become the new normal of the post-pandemic world. The global supply chain has always had the same fissures (namely disconnected or opposing incentives for the stakeholders), but the stress placed on it through increased imports, labor shortages of various … Read more

Leadership: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage – Part 2

As we discussed last post, leadership is the ultimate competitive advantage in any organization because it enables innovation and productivity gains in a variety of different functions. In contrast to a single isolated innovation, leadership is a catalyst for massive improvements. Furthermore, what I have seen to be true is that exceptional leadership opens the … Read more

How to Effectively Hire 200 People in 5 Days

At TSOR, we believe that all businesses are fundamentally people businesses. People create new technologies, processes, goods, and services. For these reasons, we believe that having the right people on the team to do these things is essential; and therefore, hiring well is fundamental to success. While many of us would never create a budget … Read more

Data and Operations

In today’s operations environments, there is an obsession with data and the availability of operational metrics. “Management Operating Systems” in their various forms seek to impose disciplines around the availability and actionability of key metrics to drive business decisions. Through my career, I have had the privilege of working with a variety of organizations and … Read more

A Case Study in Retention

Retention: I cannot think of a more pressing topic right now for business leaders to be focused on. In fact, Mark Horstman, Co-founder of Manager Tools, often says that a manager must be focused on two things: results & retention. As a business leader, achieving results is an obvious objective, but achieving a healthy retention … Read more