Uncommon Courage for Leadership & Life

Background: read our post entitled “Leading with Wisdom through Courage“ Like many people today, I was not born into a life of courage. I was always a smaller kid, enjoyed tucking in my shirts from the time I could walk, and dismissed many male antics as foolishness. Despite my physical presence and intellectual preferences, I was … Read more

Building a Culture of Excellence

There is much talk about building corporate culture, but the great resignation has further emphasized the truth that, while many companies may want to build a strong culture, they really do not know how. On a deeper level, we believe that most companies do not even know what a strong culture looks like and what … Read more

A Supply Chain of Relationships

Anyone working in supply chain and logistics right now can speak of the challenges that have become the new normal of the post-pandemic world. The global supply chain has always had the same fissures (namely disconnected or opposing incentives for the stakeholders), but the stress placed on it through increased imports, labor shortages of various … Read more

Adequacy in Leadership

Recently, a former co-worker and I were discussing the concept of adequacy in leadership, or put simply, how do we as leaders know that we have what it takes to lead? This is a complex topic that touches on a person’s identity, their motives, and character; in addition to the preparations they have undergone for … Read more

How to Effectively Hire 200 People in 5 Days

At TSOR, we believe that all businesses are fundamentally people businesses. People create new technologies, processes, goods, and services. For these reasons, we believe that having the right people on the team to do these things is essential; and therefore, hiring well is fundamental to success. While many of us would never create a budget … Read more

Confidence vs Identity

How does one gain self-confidence? Normally, it begins at a young age when small tasks completed. With each completed task, a person gains confidence in themselves that they have the ability to get things done.Perseverance is grown when faced with an obstacle, but not giving up until the task is completed. This is where people … Read more

Leadership: Vision + Relationship

When a person trades their time and energy, they typically consider two things: 1. How much it will benefit themselves. 2. How much they believe in the vision. As the boss, this means that if you want your employees to dedicate their precious limited resources of time towards your company’s goals, you have to: A. … Read more