Supply Chain Velocity – A Relationship-Based Approach

By: Garrett Laudenback If there’s one thing we’ve learned through our decades of experience in the transportation and logistics industry, it’s this – a supply chain is more than a sequence of processes. It’s a network of relationships. And when optimized, these relationships can be a key driver of supply chain velocity. When we talk … Read more

Near-Shoring: Unlocking Opportunities for US Companies in Mexico

In the dynamic and interconnected world of modern business, near-shoring has emerged as a strategic option for companies seeking to optimize their supply chains against global geopolitical risk. At TSOR Group, our founders have had the privilege of working with industry leaders such as Toyota, Volkswagen, and Samsung as they implemented near-shore supply chain strategies. … Read more

Leadership: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

As we continue to digest Ray Dalio’s book “The Changing World Order,” there is an important point that I believe is essential for us to understand collectively as a country, and individually as business, family, and community leaders. Ray states:  “The degree of inventiveness and innovation in a society is the main driver of its … Read more

How to Effectively Hire 200 People in 5 Days

At TSOR, we believe that all businesses are fundamentally people businesses. People create new technologies, processes, goods, and services. For these reasons, we believe that having the right people on the team to do these things is essential; and therefore, hiring well is fundamental to success. While many of us would never create a budget … Read more

A Case Study in Retention

Retention: I cannot think of a more pressing topic right now for business leaders to be focused on. In fact, Mark Horstman, Co-founder of Manager Tools, often says that a manager must be focused on two things: results & retention. As a business leader, achieving results is an obvious objective, but achieving a healthy retention … Read more