Building Sustainable Supply Chains: A Relationship-Based Approach

Recent global events has brought global supply chains to the forefront of public attention. From shortages of essential goods to disruptions in transportation and logistics, the pandemic has highlighted the fragility of supply chains that rely on long-distance transportation, just-in-time delivery, and complex networks of suppliers and vendors. In this context, it has become increasingly … Read more

Re-Imagining the World: How Sustainability, Resilience, and Human-Centric Solutions Can Build a Better Future for All

The world is facing numerous challenges, from climate change to economic inequality, social division, and political instability. These challenges are complex and interconnected, requiring us to adopt new approaches that prioritize sustainability, resilience, and human-centricity. Failure to include all three of these elements in future solutions will result in a dystopia that fails to honor … Read more

Overcoming the Fossil Fuel Mindset: Diversifying Energy Production and Transportation Fuel for a Resilient Future

As the world increasingly recognizes the dangers of climate change, sustainable energy production and transportation fuel have become key components of the global effort to reduce carbon emissions and build a more resilient and sustainable future. However, shifting from the traditional one-stop-shop mentality of relying solely on fossil fuels to a more diversified approach requires … Read more

Micro Reservoirs and Hydroelectric Dams: A Synergistic Solution for Sustainable Water and Electricity in California

California has been facing challenges in the provision of sustainable electricity and water to meet the needs of its rapidly growing population. As the population and economy continue to expand, the demand for water and electricity is increasing. Climate change has also contributed to the problem by exacerbating droughts, wildfires, and floods. Micro reservoirs and … Read more

Advancing Sustainable Shipping: A Look at Alternative Fuels for the Maritime Industry

Introduction: Maritime trade plays a vital role in connecting economies around the world, enabling the movement of over 80% of the world’s goods. It provides critical access to resources, supports industries, and creates jobs, contributing to economic growth and improving people’s lives. However, the shipping industry is also responsible for a significant portion of global … Read more

The Barriers to Clean Energy Adoption (And How to Overcome Them)

The future sustainability and resilience of our energy supply is dependent on the transition to clean energy. Yet despite its numerous benefits, the adoption of clean energy remains slow.  This slow adoption has serious implications not only for our transition to a sustainable future for our planet, but also for the future economic resilience of … Read more

Want to burn an extra 22,000 calories per year?

An Underutilized Investment: I walk into corporate offices and I see the same issue over and over: the company invested thousands of dollars in standing desks for their team yet everyone is sitting down.  As I make my way through the office I ask folks how often they stand.  The answer is consistent, “I tried it but … Read more

Integrity: The Underpinning of Enduring Leadership

The Cure to the Present: When we look around the world today, people are generally concerned with the direction of things. This is true of most people regardless of their political, religious, environmental, or other ideological beliefs. I often wonder how we as people can think that everyone else is the problem, yet I know … Read more

Uncommon Courage for Leadership & Life

Background: read our post entitled “Leading with Wisdom through Courage“ Like many people today, I was not born into a life of courage. I was always a smaller kid, enjoyed tucking in my shirts from the time I could walk, and dismissed many male antics as foolishness. Despite my physical presence and intellectual preferences, I was … Read more