Our Story:
Delivering resilience and growth through our values.
TSOR Group was conceived in 2010 when Ryan Molinaro, Garrett Laudenback, and James Cheng crossed paths, each bringing a unique blend of experiences, strengths, and perspectives to the table. James, a West Point and Ranger School graduate, brought military engineering discipline honed from his Army days and applied it to significant international construction and infrastructure projects. Meanwhile, Ryan, a Division 1 athlete, leveraged his competitive spirit to foster a high-performing team at a substantial container terminal in the Port of Los Angeles. It was there that he recognized the valuable skills Garrett could offer and brought him on board to drive innovation for noteworthy clients such as Target and Toyota. The trio worked seamlessly together, synergizing technology, process, infrastructure, and most importantly, people, to navigate and overcome complex supply chain challenges.

Through their collaborative endeavors, they made a profound discovery that reshaped their outlook on organizational success – People were the linchpin to overcoming the most intricate organizational challenges. This recognition sparked the formation of TSOR Group’s unique, people-first ethos. Their human-centric approach, combined with their practical industry experience, set the stage for TSOR Group’s unique brand of client engagement.
Today, TSOR Group continues to uphold the principle that people come first. This philosophy permeates our culture, promoting innovation, fostering collaboration, and driving exceptional client results. As we embrace the intricacies of the ever-evolving business landscape, we maintain an unwavering focus on decentralization, sustainability, and resilience. These tenets guide us in aiding organizations as they grapple with complex challenges, all while contributing towards a better world.

TSOR Group’s narrative is one steeped in perseverance, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to enabling growth-stage companies to realize their potential while maintaining a focus on character and ethics. With our roots deeply embedded in practical experience and a people-first approach, we partner with clients to usher in a brighter, more sustainable future. Our blend of industry insight, bespoke solutions, and people-focused philosophy allows us to deliver exceptional results for our clients, ultimately contributing positively to the world at large.

As trailblazers in our field, TSOR Group remains steadfast in its mission to guide organizations through the labyrinth of the contemporary business world, paving the way towards a more sustainable, resilient, and trust-centered future
Our Values
At TSOR, we believe that taking action is a fundamental component in driving meaningful change and achieving a sustainable, resilient future. We emphasize the importance of turning ideas and intentions into tangible, purposeful actions that create lasting impact in our communities and the world.

We foster a proactive culture that encourages our team members and clients to seize opportunities, face challenges head-on, and collaborate effectively to generate solutions. By embracing action, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to not only envision a better future but to actively build it, one step at a time.
At TSOR, we recognize that embracing radical generosity is crucial for fostering a sustainable and resilient future. We are committed to cultivating a culture of radical generosity in all aspects of our work, from our client engagements to our community involvement.

Radical Generosity, as a mindset, encourages us to actively contribute our time, resources, and expertise to benefit our homes, communities, and the world at large. By partnering with TSOR, you become part of a movement to change lives and lift the world.

At TSOR, we believe that true success and sustainability come from fostering the health and wholeness of every individual, recognizing the interconnectedness of the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and relational aspects of a person.

We prioritize the development of our team members and clients as whole individuals, creating opportunities for growth and fostering a culture of well-being that permeates everything we do. By nurturing the wholeness of our people, we create a foundation for sustainable and resilient organizations that benefit both individuals and the planet.

We believe that leadership development is character development. We seek to be refined by the following traits:

At TSOR, we believe that excellence is a necessary ingredient for building a sustainable and resilient future. We strive to deliver excellence in everything we do, from our client engagements to our internal operations.

We see excellence not as a destination, but as a journey of continuous improvement, innovation, and dedication to our craft. Our commitment to excellence is not just about achieving business goals, but about creating a positive impact that will benefit our communities and future generations.

With every project and initiative, we aim to set the bar higher and push the boundaries of what is possible, delivering outcomes that reflect the highest standards of excellence and integrity.

Our Founding Team

Ryan Molinaro

James Cheng

Garrett Laudenback

What Delights Us

Partnering with those who embrace excellence.

I highly recommend Ryan Molinaro and TSOR Group. It has been my pleasure to engage him on multiple occasions. Ryan is honest, hard-working, and extremely dedicated to everything he does. Integrity is not just a phrase for Ryan, it is his brand. I can think of no one who is better prepared to handle any complex responsibilities.

Justin DeJoseph
President & CEO
Garden State Home Loans, Inc.

Garrett and Ryan helped us gain a clear vision for the culture of the organization, and they cultivated it by helping us foster genuine relationships. They demonstrated care and empathy throughout the work they did and gained credibility through their consistent actions. They effectively improved our internal teamwork and customer partnerships.

Dana Conrad
Operations Supervisor

TSOR Group really understood our needs, even better than we did. We have complete trust in their character and integrity, and the way they executed on our vision went above and beyond our expectations. We look forward to many more years of collaboration.

Jessica Muto
Chief Financial Officer
Submission Fishing